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DataPower – Changing the MQMD AppIdentity Header

If you plan on using datapower to write a modified value to the AppIdentity MQMD header, ensure that your Put Message Options on your destination are correct. You want to use “2052” which represents “MQPMO_SET_CONTEXT_ALL” along with “MQPMO_NO_SYNCPOINT”. You need to tell MQ that it should use the message headers from the written message. In […]

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Datapower and Netegrity Siteminder Integration

I’ve posted a question to the Datapower external newsgroup asking about how Siteminder can be used to authenticate users. The documentation is pretty thin on the subject. Basically, i have a username and password that I’d like Siteminder to authenticate. I’m sure that Datapower invokes a URL and posts the information to the given […]

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Migrating to WebSphere Process Server V6.2

This tutorial shows you how to migrate WebSphere Process Server configuration data,
application data, and databases from V6.1.2.3 to V6.2.0.1. The tutorial also describes the sub-tasks
involved and shows you how to use migration log files for troubleshooting.

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xsd:any, xsd:anyType, xsd:anySimpleType, xsd:anyAttribute in WebSphere Process Server

The infocenter has a great article about how to use “Industry Standard Schemas” with WebSphere Process Server. This is required reading. You will need to know about the Sequence object when dealing with xsd:any xsd:anyType xsd:anySimpleType xsd:anyAttribute This used to be completely undocumented and now, the documentation is actually really good. Enjoy your undefined datatype. […]

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AlbeesOnline: The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

AlbeesOnline has posted a great article showing how difficult integration projects can be when you need to work with teams spread across an organization. A relatively straightforward project turns into a Frankenstein of text files and workarounds. It also shows the reason why projects have meetings that involve 20-30 people five times a week, you […]

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Common Event Infrastructure API and usage documentation

Your business has decided to use CEI to emit business relevant events, you got approval for your project, you are ready to code.. and then find out that there’s a thin amount of documentation on how to actually work with the APIs. Below are some links that can help you figure out whats going on: […]

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Migrating WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation to WebSphere Process Server V6.2 & Best Practices

Draft Redbook, last updated: Wed, 18 Mar 2009

– Migration concepts, planning and best practices
– New Workspace migration wizard
– Migration scenarios utilizing Business Space interface

In this IBM Redbooks publication, we discuss the concepts, planning, and migration paths, that you must understand before any attempt to migrate the source artifacts created using IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition 5.1 product, to the IBM WebSphere Integration Developer 6.2.

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Securing JMS connections to WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus V6.1

Security is an integral part of SOA, and since WebSphere ESB is at the heart of many SOA solutions, the security of a WebSphere ESB server and its transports is vital to the enterprise systems
that use it. Messaging, such as the JMS implementation provided by WebSphere ESB, is particularly important for business applications because of its reliability, performance, and asynchronous nature.
This article shows you how to implement security with an example using WebSphere ESB V6.1 and a J2EE client container application communicating via JMS messaging.

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XPath Duration Constants Specification

If you would like to specify a constant value for an XPath Duration (used in a wait activity or an escalation) you can follow the format specified by the w3 consortium for durations. The lexical representation for duration is the [ISO 8601] extended format PnYn MnDTnH nMnS, where nY represents the number of years, nM […]

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