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Problem Determination and WebSphere Integration Developer

In the past, I’ve gone and de-constructed WebSphere Process Server stack traces in an example of problem determination. Now, I’ll talk about what I do when WebSphere Integration Developer goes crazy. A typical WebSphere Integration Developer exception consists of either a builder error pop up dialog or an issue when trying to open an editor. […]

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WebSphere Business Services Fabric 6.1 Content Packs

Four industry content packs exist: Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Telecom Operations. These content packs provide Ontologies relevant to the industry in question. It’s basically a model of an entire Insurance company of which you can then pick and choose the relevant objects.6.1 highlights: Installation Enhancements General usability improvements in the editors Runtime enhancements Better simulation. […]

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Getting Started with IBM WebSphere Business Services Fabric V6.1

Draft Redbook, last updated: Tue, 11 Mar 2008

– Discover the value of composite business applications
– Model, assemble, and deploy Fabric solutions
– Learn by example with practical scenarios

WebSphere Business Services Fabric (Fabric) is a comprehensive SOA offering that is designed to extend IBM’s business process management platform to deliver flexible composite business applications.

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WebSphere Business Services Fabric

I noticed that my blog has started off very Process Server and Integration developer centric. I’m sure this is because I’m currently working on these products at my client (along with being a member of the development team). I just wanted to point out that I’m also conversant in WebSphere Business Services Fabric (WBSF); 6.0. […]

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