IBM Software Support Lifecycle – General Availability, End Of Marketing, End of Support Dates

Planning that new WebSphere Process Server v6.0 GA production deployment? I suggest you check out the End Of Service Dates published by IBM for your versions to ensure that you aren’t painting yourself into a corner before you even start. Beware clicking that last link, it’s a poorly created web page with every single IBM product and revision; the worlds longest HTML ever.

End of Marketing: IBM stops actively selling it to customers

End of Support: IBM stops answering the phone when you call to complain about it. Of course, you can always enter into an extended contract to continue support of mission critical installations.

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WebSphere Integration Developer

I tried to get other quick links but it was too frustrating with all the product versions inlined together.

Author: dan


  1. Great post – definitely something potential IBM customers need to be aware of… there’s been many a time where the sales team sells a product which product management has no real plans for future development… make sure you choose the right platform!

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