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WebSphere MQ V7.0 Features and Enhancements

Draft Redbook, last updated: Mon, 27 Oct 2008

– Integrated Publish/Subscribe engine and new MQI functions
– Improved JMS MQ integration and MQ Client enhancements
– Scenario with sample code

This book is divided in three parts: Part 1, “Introduction” commences with an introduction to Message Oriented Middleware and the WebSphere MQ product.

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What’s new in WebSphere Application Server V7

IBM WebSphere Application Server V7 has powerful new features and dramatic
enhancements to help you achieve heightened productivity, stronger security, tighter
integration, and simplified administration. Find out about some of the new key
features that enable this new release to provide a flexible and reliable foundation
for your service-oriented architecture.

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IBM Impact comes to you: Toronto

As I wait for my next contract to start, I was given the opportunity to attend the Toronto version of the Impact Comes to You held at the IBM Toronto Lab (where I used to commute daily when employed by IBM). My goal today is to blog any interesting points or developments that occur throughout […]

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Introducing IBM WebSphere sMash, Part 1: Build RESTful services for your Web application

In this series, learn all about IBM WebSphere sMash, a simple
environment for creating, assembling, and executing applications based on
current Web technologies. In this first article, get a
hands-on tour of the innovations that let you create, assemble, and
deploy powerful Web applications. Learn how
WebSphere sMash is community driven, and about its conventions for creating RESTful Web
services. Using a step-by-step example, you set up the environment, create a
project, build a RESTful service to expose data, test your application, and
import a sample application to consume the RESTful services.

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WebSphere Education YouTube Channel

If you like browsing YouTube and actually want to find something educational between all the pet videos, you can check out IBM’s WebSphere Education YouTube Channel. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover the next great internet meme there that will sweep the world.  Or not.

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IBM Podcast: Michael O’Connell interviews Steve Mills

I was listening to the podcast of Steve Mills being interviewed by DeveloperWorks. The nice thing about these podcasts is that they are transcribed, so you can read along. There were a few bits of information that were interesting to me. I was listening to the podcast passively, so I may have missed some even […]

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IBM Buys ILOG, a Business Rules Engine

Geez, I don’t know how I missed this one.  ILOG is a business rules engine that can already integrate with WebSphere Process Server so this acquisition makes sense. It’s better than the one bundled with the product and used by more companies. Anyway, I’ll defer to the bloggers of the world who have more industry […]

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Concerns about IBM Premium Support

IBM provides a variety of self-help tools and other support resources to
help you maintain and troubleshoot systems that are based on WebSphere products. In
addition to these, IBM also provides three levels of Premium Support that can be
customized and added on to your Passport Advantage support agreement. This article
describes the advantages of IBM Software Premium Support and how these additional
services would impact your day-to-day operations. (IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal)

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WebSphere Process Server Discussions

The first question kicked off about the use of BPEL for non-business relevant flows. The answer was that it’s not a good idea in the long-term vision and hard evaluation of Java or BPEL should be performed to ensure it’s the right solution. The lack of a store-and-forward capability in the product was the next […]

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Nike: Successful Online Community Drives Product Sales

My thanks go out to Twitter’s SamLawrence for pointing out what Nike is doing in the Social Community Space and the success they are having. You guys sell apparel, what does an online community have to do with that? For Nike, you are no longer just buying a sneaker. You are joining the largest global […]

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Impact 2008: Web 2.0 Social Networking Missing In Action

Over a twitter yesterday, James Governor lamented about the lack of official web 2.0 happenings a conference where we’re all talking about mash-ups, integrating communities and mass enablement. IBM’s youTube Channel has a single 1 minute video from day one, theres a twitter account created of the name “Impact2008“* which has no activity. Heck, even […]

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Impact 2008: Happy Birthday WebSphere

The marketing says that it’s WebSphere’s 10th birthday on Tuesday. To celebrate, IBM is asking for revised lyrics to the well-known Birthday song. Never being one to pass up on a free chance at bizarre creativity, I’ve shilled-out and submitted: WebSphere *IS* big blue What Can it not Do? We praise you, Dear WebSphere Ten […]

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Venting some WebSphere Integration Developer Steam

In the blog Albees Online, Albin Joseph expresses his frustration that he’s stuck using the buggiest IDE in the World (WebSphere Integration Developer). I’m going to include my thoughts below: Most of the times the server wouldn’t change the status to started even if the server is actually started Agreed. There’s something wrong with the […]

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Article about how to write Articles for WebSphere DeveloperWorks

From Developerworks, a little piece of self-promotion called Writing articles for developerWorks WebSphere Everything you’d ever want to know about getting an article published on developerWorks. One caveat, the article approval process is very long. My submission for the Test Client article took around 3 months to get approval. By then, I wasn’t all that […]

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Techniques for Managing Large WebSphere Installations

Redbook, published: Thu, 13 Mar 2008

– High availability manager and core groups
– Tuning recommendations
– Configuration best practices

As WebSphere Application Server installations grow to accommodate the growth of business processing, the question “How large can a WebSphere Application Server cell be?” is being asked more often.

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