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DataPower Architectural Design Patterns: Integrating and Securing Services Across Domains

Draft Redbook, last updated: Tue, 26 Aug 2008

– Introduction to DataPower Services
– Integration Services
– Security Services

IBM® WebSphere® DataPower® SOA Appliances are purpose-built network devices that offer a wide variety of functionality such as the securing and management of SOA Applications, Enterprise Service Bus Integration, and high speed XSL execution.

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BPEL: Beware the use of nested loops in a short running process

One of the restrictions when dealing with a short running process is that it must always run within a single transaction. The implication is that the process must complete within the default transaction timeout window. On an application server, this is 120s. We had an issue where our Process Server was creating a large number […]

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WebSphere Business Integration V6.1 Performance Tuning

Draft Redpaper, last updated: Mon, 9 Jun 2008

– Learn valuable tips for tuning
– Get the latest best practices
– Try the example settings

This IBM® Redpaper was produced by the IBM WebSphere® Process Server, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, WebSphere Adapters, and WebSphere Business Monitor performance teams in Austin Texas, Böblingen Germany, and Hursley England.

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WSDL Anti-Pattern: xsd:Any and xsd:AnyType To Encapsulate Future Changes

The cousin to yesterday’s WSDL Anti-Pattern: The ‘Single XML String’ Service is the use of the XSD specification’s ‘any’. ‘Any’ literally means “any well-formed XML contained in this section is valid”. ‘anyType’ means “any valid XSD Type”. We can start to see the correlation between the Single XML String service and the use of these […]

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WSDL Anti-Pattern: The ‘Single XML String’ Service

WSDL is a very useful technology. It allows service providers and consumers to agree on namespaces, operation names, the data to be transmitted in a request and the data to expect in a response. All very good things to know, all in a platform neutral way. Now, WSDL tells us what all the elements and […]

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Impact 2008: Impressions of Day 2

Day two is in the bag, the B52’s are B-50-done. Perficient and MTS Allstream gave a session about SOA Patterns that I thought was today but was actually yesterday. Oops. Here’s the abstract if you have a time machine: TSP-2518 – Effectively selecting integration patterns Brent Legris, Perficient, Inc., Senior Technical Architect, Olivera Zatezalo, MTS […]

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The VETO SOA Pattern

I’ve never been much of a patterns guy. I kind of always have the ability to apply common sense to a system and turn up something that is straight forward and makes sense. Periodically I get asked about what set of patterns I used to decide how a system should behave. To answer this question […]

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JDBC Adapter Export with events that comprise multiple rows

At my client, we had a unique situation occur when integrating a database and an export for the WebSphere Adapter for JDBC. In a ‘typical’ scenario, a single row is written into a staging table, an SQL trigger writes this single row into the adapter’s event table, the adapter polls, converts the data into a […]

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