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Impact 2008: Happy Birthday WebSphere

The marketing says that it’s WebSphere’s 10th birthday on Tuesday. To celebrate, IBM is asking for revised lyrics to the well-known Birthday song. Never being one to pass up on a free chance at bizarre creativity, I’ve shilled-out and submitted: WebSphere *IS* big blue What Can it not Do? We praise you, Dear WebSphere Ten […]

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SCA Component for Ruby with WebSphere Process Server

Go figure, I was googling for “WebSphere Process Server” and came across an AlphaWorks project: SCA Component for Ruby with IBM WebSphere Process Server. Unlike the article that ‘integrated’ the two via Web Services, this project will give you the ability to run Ruby from inside a component.

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How to misrepresent your article

The developerWorks article titled “Create a Web service with Ruby on Rails for integration with WebSphere Process Server makes it sound like it’s some cool new functionality that would allow a Ruby Component inside of process server. Alas, the “Integration” between Ruby and Process Server is done via a yawn-inducing boring old web service. I’d […]

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Migration Project Candidate Determination Made Easy

On a migration project, you sometimes come across a system that’s been around for a long time, does a pretty small task and hasn’t been touched in years. The question that arrises is “Should it be migrated to the new platform?” Now. You could solve this problem by phoning up stakeholders and try to find […]

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Rational Performance Tester provides refreshing honesty

I’ve been on a small kick about performance testing/administration and I was directed to the Rational Performance Tester. It sounds like it would be a nice tool to use to tune systems, until I read the first bullet point: I mean damn.. No code testing, no point and click wizards, no report readability, no usability […]

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IBM and Naming Conventions – Humor

IBM is a highly acronym-ized environment, so it doesn’t surprise me that sometimes things like this slip through the cracks. I was alerted by a colleague as to a new editor for Lotus Quickr services for WebSphere Portal.. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you the FCKEditor Now, for anyone who has ever used an […]

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