WebSphere Adapter for FTP – Missing Information in User Guide

Sometimes you have to chuckle at the titles of PMRs. I came across this one today:

Information not included in the user guide for IBM WebSphere Adapter for FTP V6.0.2

Where they admit they forgot very minor details like the fact you have to create all the directories manually or the ftp location where inbound events will actually get picked up from.

More interesting, it looks like you can expect an outage once every four years:

The default parser provided by Commons Net API v1.4.1 fails to handle files with Feb 29 as the creation date.

and of course, you know when WebSphere Integration Developer tells you that it aborted something? Oh, you should just ignore that:

4. When using the enterprise service discovery wizard, the following informational message is displayed in the log: ‘Aborting DataBinding Generation type specified is not a DataBinding Generator: com.ibm.j2ca.ftp.FTPFileDataBinding’.
You can ignore this message and continue working.

If it’s an ignorable warning, why is it generated in the first place?

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