WebSphere Process Server Discussions

The first question kicked off about the use of BPEL for non-business relevant flows. The answer was that it’s not a good idea in the long-term vision and hard evaluation of Java or BPEL should be performed to ensure it’s the right solution.

The lack of a store-and-forward capability in the product was the next question.

A discussion ensured about potential changes to the failed event manager.

Another point was raised about the excessive lines of stack trace dumped when you run into an exception.

Also the fact that re-tries attempt 5 times by default. “Has a service ever come back after the 4th retry?”

Lack of exceptions in BO Map runtime in a custom java code. You will just get a line indicating what custom transformation error and no trace.

There was a question about quiescence of a server in order to bring it down and that today it is very difficult to do.

Someone asked about the overuse of BPEL and customers who try to use BPEL when Java is better. Pick the right tool for the right job.

A question about multiple version of the SDO runtime between WPS, Tuscany. The answer was that its not an issue.

A question about the version of SCA shipped in the product and the fact that it’s not a released version and that no documentation of how things work exists for customers. “Interop is the larger issue than the runtime choice” for customers. Is the market understanding that as long as the endpoints are standardized, the runtime standardization isn’t as relevant?

Desire for the ability to dynamically enable and disable BPEL activities like diagnostic trace info. Interesting, if you tied a dynamic enabled to the failed event manager, you could dynamically enable trace on first failure and capture the date you need only when you likely need it.

Ideas bounced around with SameTime integration with Human Tasks, where a task could send a message to a person or group. I don’t think this needs to actually be done by development, considering the SameTime API is open.

WICS to WPS migration was discussed.

Ability to create business exceptions in a BO Map.

Recommendation that if you are on Process Server v6.0.2.2 or lower, you should consider upgrading to and WAS base

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