WebSphere Business Events (AptSoft) Technical Overview

I don’t know much about WebSphere Business Events. I assume that allows you to generate CEI business events and then take actions based on the content of the messages.

It is currently not eclipse based and required WAS v6.1.0.13.

It has connector and Data Mapping capabilities, which make it sound very similr to the WebSphere Process Server stack.

Consists of the WBE Design Environment for development and the WBE Object Repository for data storage.

Like CEI, it’s not to be used for IT events but rather ‘business’ events due to server resource concerns.

Author: dan


  1. Hi Dan,

    I wasn’t there but hopefully the point they made at the beginning is that this is a business-oriented complex-event-processing engine. i.e. I see it as being intended to process events from across processes, systems and applications, matching them against patterns defined in the business tooling.

    e.g. “three purchase events for the same credit card in a thirty minute period, where the sum spent is larger than the average monthly spend for that card ===> potential fraud/theft”

    The focus on business-relevant events is nothing to do with server performance/resource constraints and everything to do with the value proposition for the product: allowing business users to define the event patterns of interest.

    I see it as complementary to WPS (and other BPM tools) rather than competitive or overlapping.

  2. Hi Richard,

    I’m sure the position of the product will be resolved as it gets more ‘blue-washed. I can recall sitting in the session and noticing that some parts were similar to WPS but less refined, so I’m sure it’s a complimentary solution down the road.

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