“Top Best Practices for Implementing WPS Solutions”

I haven’t heard of SIMM Levels before this presentation but they appear to be interesting statements about maturity.

Talking about service quality, “You can’t mediate faster”.

ISO9126 was also mentioned:

ISO 9126 is an international standard for the evaluation of software quality.

Don’t use relationships for configuration or rules. It doesn’t fit the use-cases of the developers.

WESB Fan Out / Fan In is single thread and sequential.

A point was made that in a decision between a Mediation Module and Module. The recommendation was to use a mediation module first and only go to a module if he doesn’t fit. What the presenter is downplaying is the duplication of skill that is required to do between two different sets of editors and runtimes. If you are a team that needs to get their services out the door in a reasonable time, I maintain my recommendation to stay with modules at all times if possible.

Serializations of the messages are the most expensive operation in SCA invocations.

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  1. Well really, you need to talk to your IBM Rep about that. They’ve got a ton of information on whats the best decision for your own organization..

    Most SOA architecture decisions aren’t made in a bubble.. your company likely has systems that would integrate well with one or the other.. Plus it depends on where the skillset lies in your IT Dept. Is it primarily mainframe or java or.. ? There’s a ton of factors that go into choosing a platform.

    – Dan

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