Impact 2008: Dana Gardner and Michael Coté Blogging the Conference

I’m not at Impact, so I’m a little diminished in my capacity to know who’s there, who’s blogging, what’s being talked about or exactly how many boat races Steve Mills can win in a row.

Thanks to Michael Coté who is also blogging the conference and has his recap of the first few hours of Impact.

A second big thank you to him goes out for letting me know that Dana Gardner also has a post about the first three hours of the conference.

I find both posts extremely informative and I hope they’ll continue to post through out the week. I recommend readers sign up for their RSS/Atom feeds as I doubt I’ll be able to keep up on Impact from the East Coast while the SOA Party rages on the west.

Also, if you are in attendance of Impact 2008, you can go to the session run by MTS Allstream. They are one of my clients and I had a very minor role in helping out with their slides (at one point I was going to co-present but it fell through). If you do sit in, feel free to let me know what you thought.

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  1. haha, no problemo, pimp away. I’ve extremely new to Twitter so I don’t get understand everything yet but I signed up to track ya.. I like passing notes during class 🙂

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