WebSphere Business Services Fabric 6.1 Content Packs

Four industry content packs exist: Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Telecom Operations. These content packs provide Ontologies relevant to the industry in question. It’s basically a model of an entire Insurance company of which you can then pick and choose the relevant objects.6.1 highlights:

  • Installation Enhancements
  • General usability improvements in the editors
  • Runtime enhancements
  • Better simulation. This includes the ability to share simulations between users.
  • WSRR integration
  • ‘Russian Language Support’ – very weird entry that I’m sure was only added to fill out whitespace on the slide.
  • More Database Support (DB2 v9.1, Oracle 10g)
  • Addition of Context Specifications -“What are the context parameters that you need for your dynamic assembly to work. If specifications were required but not present in the message, Fabric did not know if it should continue or not .

It appears to me that Fabric didn’t really many major changes for end users in this release.

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