WebSphere Process Server Disaster Recovery: UUIDs are unique to an install

If you are looking at WebSphere Process Server Disaster Recovery, you should know that the UUID’s that uniquely identify a server in both the Messaging Engine Database and the transaction log are unique for that particular installation. Running the equivalent installation commands on the restored system will not generate a server with the same id. This implies that you need to ensure your server installation (and profile) itself is backed up should restoration be needed in the future.

Also, as far as I know, there is no way to manually edit the UUID of a server. If you don’t keep a backup of the install, disaster recovery will be more difficult than expected and you may end up losing transactions.

Author: dan


  1. So the only way to setup the WebSphere Process Server on Disaster Recovery site is restoring the WPS profile from the Production. That means DM & managed nodes on DR sites need to take over the all IP address from Production system when the Production Sites goes down completely. What about transaction log replication between two sites? Can we just use SAN replication for transaction log replication between Prod and DR?


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