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IBM Buys ILOG, a Business Rules Engine

Geez, I don’t know how I missed this one.  ILOG is a business rules engine that can already integrate with WebSphere Process Server so this acquisition makes sense. It’s better than the one bundled with the product and used by more companies. Anyway, I’ll defer to the bloggers of the world who have more industry […]

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What’s new in WebSphere Process Server V6.1.2

IBM WebSphere Process Server is a powerful runtime engine that can be used as
the heart of a Service Oriented Architecture. It is built on WebSphere Application
Server, and includes WebSphere ESB, enabling you to run integration modules created with
WebSphere Application Developer, mediation modules, and J2EE applications. This article
examines the features new to WebSphere Process Server V6.1.2. Basic knowledge of WebSphere Process Server is required for this article.

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Do not use forward slashes in SIBus Destination names with JMS

I have an SIBus destination called: ‘MY/QUEUE’. I create a JMS QueueConnectionFactory and JMS Queue definition to this destination. jms/LoggingPoisonQueueCF and jms/LoggingPoisonQueue. When I attempt to put a message on the destination (using Spring JMS) I get the following exception: org.springframework.jms.InvalidDestinationException: CWSIA0046E: The parameter queue://MY/QUEUE?busName=SIBJMSBus is from a foreign implementation that is not supported.; nestedexception […]

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Oracle DBMS_CRYPTO Encryption

I spent a few days battling the oracle DBMS_CRYPTO package. This package allows the encryption of data types, including clobs and blobs (in oracle 10g). The battles included: My user not having visibility to the package in the stored procedure call. This was solved by a simple call to the DBA. In my system, I […]

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WebSphere Process Server’s default log size: Very Small

I did not realize that the default log size of the test server installation of WebSphere Process Server inside of WebSphere Integration Developer was so small. It’s a single one megabyte file. This means that I don’t have all the spring exceptions that I thought I did. I suggest anyone who wants to be able […]

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WebSphere InterChange Server migration to WebSphere Process Server

Draft Redbook, last updated: Fri, 11 Jul 2008

– Migration of WebSphere InterChange Server and WBI Adapters
– Architectural usage patterns and migration planning
– Migration tools, technical examples and scenarios

IBM® WebSphere® Process Server is the next generation business process integration server that has evolved from proven business integration concepts, application server technologies, and the latest open standards.

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WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus does not support Event Sequencing

Cheers to David Currie for pointing out that while the WebSphere Integration Developer user interface allows you to specify an event sequencing qualifier inside a mediation module, if you attempt to deploy the solution to an WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Server, you’ll get exceptions. Interestingly enough, if you deploy the same Mediation Module to WebSphere […]

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BPEL: Beware the use of nested loops in a short running process

One of the restrictions when dealing with a short running process is that it must always run within a single transaction. The implication is that the process must complete within the default transaction timeout window. On an application server, this is 120s. We had an issue where our Process Server was creating a large number […]

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WebSphere Process Server v6.1 API

There are various API’s that are provided as a part of WebSphere Process Server. EJB API There is the standard EJB lookup method for the four JNDI’s (Human Task, BusinessFlow, Relationship etc). EJB provides slightly more functionality than the Web service or JMS interface. The generic EJB API supports Remote Artifact loading so you don’t […]

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WebSphere Integration Developer & WebSphere Process Server v6.1.2 released

V6.1.2 has been released for WebSphere Integration Developer and WebSphere Process Server. You can read the list of features. I’m going to highlight the ones that interest me: WebSphere Process Server New out-of-the-box, ready-to-run, Web 2.0 BPM client for business users with configurable work lists and detailed work item views, including support for collaboration using […]

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