SIBus Explorer

Service Integration Bus Explorer is tool provided by IBM that allows you to browse the queues on your WebSphere Application Service. You can see individual messages, internal queues, clear queue points etc. The path to get this information requires so many clicks, that SIBus Explorer will quickly become an indispensable tool.

There is a similar product out there for MQ (and other providers) called HermesJMS but I’m not sure if anyone has gotten it to work in WAS v6, so YMMV.

Author: dan


  1. Thanks David.. I had no idea either of those two tools existed. (It’s tough to manage that firehose of IBM information!)

    I’ll definitely be giving them both a workout.

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  3. Would the SIBus Explorer work if security is turned on?

    The last time i tried( a while ago) it did not work.


  4. Hi Manglu,

    Yes, it works with security. You have to ensure you get the client key for the server etc. I do recall that I was not able to get it working with WAS 6.1 security though.. (worked on 6.0)

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