ProcessTemplateNotFoundException: CWWBA0008E: Process template ‘myProcess, -valid_from_date-‘ is not found

In the admin console, when trying to stop a template contained in an ear so that the ear could be updated, the following exception occurred:
CWWBA0008E: Process Template
'MyProcess, Web 2008-10-10 12:32:22.00' 
is not found.

It’s unknown how many times that the EAR was attempted to be stopped or what happened on the initial removal from the server.

To investigate the ProcessTemplateNotFoundException, I looked at the BPEDB’s PROCESS_TEMPLATE_B_T table. This table holds the persisted information in the database for process templates. A simple select * from PROCESS_TEMPLATE_B_T should give a list.

When I ran this query, I found that the table was empty. So the database has no records of any process templates. The weird part is that I can still see the templates in the ‘Business Processes’ tab from the admin console. I’m not sure how this information is populated. Does it come from the EAR file itself or is it generated via BPE API calls? If it’s the latter, I’m even more confused why the BPE API would return a list of templates while the database was empty.

I removed the ear from the admin console and it uninstalled properly. I then installed the EAR and looked at the PROCESS_TEMPLATE_B_T table and it was populated properly.

As far as I know, this was a one-off incident. There is a theory that something occured when ‘Update’ of an existing EAR was selected and the updated EAR contained additional templates. But it’s just a theory.

I thought I’d write this up just in-case anyone else out there runs into this issue. The BPEDB should be the ‘gold standard’ as to the state of your business processes. If it gets out of sync with the admin console, weird errors can result.

Author: dan


  1. Dan ,

    I am very desperate to reply to this thread as I encountered something entirely different. We have a BPEL application which has just one business process and that process calls lots of EJB’s.

    We came across a error called “BPEL Failure” could not load the Proces Model stopped.

    So I looked into the table PROCESS_TEMPLATE_B_T to see if there was any record in that table. I found that there was a record in the table and everything was perfect in that table. Our process was a long running process and alo I could not see any Process Template running from BPC explorer in “My Process Template” link.

    There was STATE column in the table PROCESS_TEMPLATE_B_T , which had value 2 , I did some intelligent work and I modified this STATE column to 1 and , the majic worked. I coudl see the template in the BPC explorer and event the BPEL module started working.

    I dont know how that STATE filed was marked 2 , I compared it with out UAT environment and there also it was 1 , so I got my idea to mark it 1. I dont know why IBM does not provide information about there internal Table level details, though it is something internal to the product but they can atleast give infomation what every filed means in the DB….

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