WebSphere Process Server: Repairing Business Processes

From Developerworks, Repairing processes with WebSphere Process Server

WebSphere Process Server V6.1.2 supports manual repair and change of control flow logic. This article describes these repair features, provides useful tips, and identifies potential pitfalls when applying them. You’ll learn how to repair processes and dynamically react to cases in which modeled fault handling and automated recovery mechanisms are not useful in solving the situation.

This is an unbelievably complete article about BPEL processes and what happens when an error occurs. It also goes into what you need to consider at development time for error handling as well as your options once something has gone wrong.

A must read for anyone uses BPEL in an enterprise 24/7 solution and can’t just terminate business processes when something goes wrong.

Author: dan


  1. I have a specific request for an Error Handling Strategy in my project. I need to send a notification to the WPS admin , at the first instance of a System Error(or Run-time exception) . The admin should then be able to go to the BPC/FEM and retry the process from the point of failure. If the execution fails again , I would want to terminate the process instance and send an email to the end user that his request has failed. I am searching for a way to implement this solution in WPS 6.2 , Any help ?

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