Variable Substitution in WSAdmin: Variables in braces are treated as constants

Just a quick FYI to those of you who are doomed to write WSAdmin scripts, if you use variable names and enclose them in curly braces ‘{‘, then commands will treat it as a constant string and your variables will not resolve to their values.

$AdminTask blah {-file $VariableFileName}

Will cause and error that the physical file “$VariableFileName” could not be found.

To resolve the issue use the subst or list command:

$AdminTask blah [subst {-file $VariableFileName}]

Author: dan


  1. Dan, this is one reason I tend to write my wsadmin scripts in jython rather than Jacl… the syntax is less irritating. Jacl will also eventually be phased out, so it’s worth getting used to jython.

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