Error Handling in WebSphere Process Server: Developing an Error Handling Strategy

From DeveloperWorks, Error handling in WebSphere Process Server, Part 1: Developing an error handling strategy

With the emergence of service oriented solutions, we’ve seen a sharp rise in developer productivity. Developers are empowered with a new found freedom of service construction and reuse. However, with this freedom comes an increased exposure to inconsistent service definitions. These inconsistencies expose weaknesses in error handling and system recovery across the solution. Along with the proper governance controls, IT organizations need to define and enforce the proper error handling strategies tailored for solution recovery. Part 1 of this article series introduces the topic of error handling strategies and highlights key concepts and objectives for developing a strategy

This is an article written by my former colleagues at IBM. It goes into depth about the part of your process that you likely left until the last moment: What to do when something goes wrong. I recommend it as required reading for any WebSphere Integration Developer user.

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