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WebSphere Business Integration V6.1 Performance Tuning

Draft Redpaper, last updated: Mon, 9 Jun 2008

– Learn valuable tips for tuning
– Get the latest best practices
– Try the example settings

This IBM® Redpaper was produced by the IBM WebSphere® Process Server, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, WebSphere Adapters, and WebSphere Business Monitor performance teams in Austin Texas, Böblingen Germany, and Hursley England.

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Use ARM to monitor SCA invocations in IBM WebSphere Process Server

This two-part series shows you how to monitor Service Component Architecture
(SCA) invocations using the Application Response Measurement (ARM) standard in IBM
WebSphere Process Server V6.1. You can use an ARM implementation, such as IBM Tivoli
Composite Application Manager for Response Time Tracking, to generate a graphic view
of SCA invocations. This article, Part 1 of the series, starts by describing ARM and
showing you how to debug synchronous scenarios using Tivoli Composite Application
Manager for Response Time Tracking. In Part 2, you’ll get an introduction to SCA
invocation patterns and learn how to debug asynchronous scenarios.

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WebSphere Adapter for JDBC: SetObjectKeys NullPointer Exception

We had a WebSphere Adapter for JDBC export in our module, and it was throwing the following exception: [5/27/08 17:55:52:315 EDT] 0000006b NUXInResource I PollEventManagerWorker run() CWYBS0011I: Polling has started. UserAction=No action is required. [5/27/08 17:55:53:356 EDT] 0000006d NUXInResource E getObjectForEvent(Event) EventStore impl ( threw an unexpected and unchecked exception javax.resource.ResourceException: EventStore impl ( […]

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Business Object Maps and ‘Required’ Attributes

Just ran into an interesting scenario. We have a business object with a required attribute (amongst a sea of non-required ones). In a business object map, we only set the non-required ones and never set the required ones to any value. In the above example, ‘productStatus’ is required, ‘name’ is not. This is the Mediation […]

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Make SOA real with IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus and IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances

Looking for a way to manage the interoperability among applications using
different protocols that need to exchange confidential data? Consider combining the
functionality of IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus and IBM WebSphere DataPower
SOA Appliances. Find out how you can get a secure, agile, and extendible solution
with a little effort in terms of code.

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Web services with SOAP/JMS in IBM WebSphere Process Server

This two-part article series shows you how to use SOAP over Java Message Service
(JMS) in IBM WebSphere Process Server and IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus. Learn
how to set up and use SOAP over JMS as configured by default by the IBM
WebSphere Integration Developer tool and how to enable the use of the IBM WebSphere
MQ JMS provider via configuration. In this article, Part 1 of the series, you create and
invoke a Web service using SOAP over JMS and an end-to-end application example, covering
the full process of creating, building, deploying, and testing the applications.
Scenarios covering both point-to-point and publish/subscribe messaging walk you
through the process. In the second article in this series, you’ll
reconfigure a Web service that uses the SOAP over JMS protocol to enable the use of
WebSphere MQ as the JMS provider and allow the transport of SOAP messages via
WebSphere MQ queues.

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Problem Determination and WebSphere Integration Developer

In the past, I’ve gone and de-constructed WebSphere Process Server stack traces in an example of problem determination. Now, I’ll talk about what I do when WebSphere Integration Developer goes crazy. A typical WebSphere Integration Developer exception consists of either a builder error pop up dialog or an issue when trying to open an editor. […]

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Avoid the WebSphere Integration Developer Debugger

Yesterday, I had a non-descriptive NullPointerException occur within a visual snippet sub-map in WebSphere Integration Developer. The only message written to the log was something that identified which transformation in the sub-map failed. There was nothing about what line was bad. Rather than filling my code full of “Got Here” and “Did this Runs”, I […]

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Close WebSphere Integration Developer when updating Fixpacks for WebSphere Process Server

I was attempting to install WebSphere Process Server v6.0.2.3 on the server installed with WebSphere Integration Developer. The install kept failing on me with an exception: Caused by: The file java/jre/lib/charsets.jar could not be replaced. at ( at ( at ( at ( at ( at ( at […]

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