WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus – Mediation Flow Component: No Refactoring for WSDL Faults

I have a solution that I’m working on that involves Mediation Flow Components. Recently, the namespace of a service I consume changed. This service throws two known faults whose namespace also changed.

When I modified by Mediation Flow Component to ‘Synchronize Interface/References from component TO implemenation’ it didn’t bother to update the fault terminals. In addition, the ability to change the fault terminal types in the mediation flow editor is disabled.

As it’s currently designed, I have to recreate my entire mediation module from scratch. Visual Snippets, primitives, the works.

Since I there isn’t enough willpower in the world to get me to do this for something as trivial as the namespace of my faults, I just opened up the .mfc file in a text editor and changed it myself. The same task that the tool should have done for me. Everything works fine.

Just another reason why I dislike WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus v6.0.2 and point my clients to WebSphere Process Server.

Author: dan

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