I’m a large supporter of the IBM DeveloperWorks Forums for WebSphere Integration Developer and WebSphere Process Server (including WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus). Having the wealth of experience on this platform that I have, I tend to respond to 75%-80% of the questions. Sometimes, a question appears that sparks my brain with a rant or deserves a deeper explanation. I created this site to capture that information.

In addition, I’m going to blog about my own experiences with IBM’s Business Integration suite and SOA in general. This’ll include the times when things are great, and (more likely) the times when they aren’t so great.

I’m currently Perficient-ly titled a ‘Technical Architect’ which means I spend a lot of my work day writing architecture and internal implementation documents. I’m also going to tackle a lot of the design decisions that I make in a project that leads to the systems my clients create.

I’m also a large proponent of idea sharing. I’ve learned most of what I know through the intellectual generosity of my professional colleagues through the years and would like to take this opportunity to give back to the community. So I encourage any readers to feel free to send me emails with suggestions of topics you’d like to know more about.

In summary, this blog will contain:

  • My own take on Business Integration and SOA
  • In depth answers to questions I encounter
  • Design Decisions
  • Reviews of Articles I find on the internet on BI and SOA
  • Quirks/Questions/Issues that occur with my engagements
  • Information on new products that I get a chance to play with (ex. WebSphere Business Services Fabric)
  • Whatever else evolves in this space down the road


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