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WebSphere InterChange Server migration to WebSphere Process Server

Draft Redbook, last updated: Fri, 11 Jul 2008

– Migration of WebSphere InterChange Server and WBI Adapters
– Architectural usage patterns and migration planning
– Migration tools, technical examples and scenarios

IBM® WebSphere® Process Server is the next generation business process integration server that has evolved from proven business integration concepts, application server technologies, and the latest open standards.

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DataPower Course WB552 Overall Impressions

I have to admit that I was very impressed with DataPower Course WB552. The content of the course covered everything that on would need to know about how to use the box along with security. It also provided a lot of opportunity to go off the beaten path and try modifications on your own. I […]

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WebSphere Business Integration V6.1 Performance Tuning

Draft Redpaper, last updated: Mon, 9 Jun 2008

– Learn valuable tips for tuning
– Get the latest best practices
– Try the example settings

This IBM® Redpaper was produced by the IBM WebSphere® Process Server, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, WebSphere Adapters, and WebSphere Business Monitor performance teams in Austin Texas, Böblingen Germany, and Hursley England.

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Use ARM to monitor SCA invocations in IBM WebSphere Process Server

This two-part series shows you how to monitor Service Component Architecture
(SCA) invocations using the Application Response Measurement (ARM) standard in IBM
WebSphere Process Server V6.1. You can use an ARM implementation, such as IBM Tivoli
Composite Application Manager for Response Time Tracking, to generate a graphic view
of SCA invocations. This article, Part 1 of the series, starts by describing ARM and
showing you how to debug synchronous scenarios using Tivoli Composite Application
Manager for Response Time Tracking. In Part 2, you’ll get an introduction to SCA
invocation patterns and learn how to debug asynchronous scenarios.

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