IBM Partners Blocked from Rational Conference

From the newswire (eWeek), IBM Partners Blocked from Rational Conference.

At least one vendor, Genuitec, maker of the MyEclipse IDE (integrated development environment) has said an IBM official called its representative and told them Genuitec was not welcome at the Rational Software Development Conference this year. Another company, AccuRev, which markets software configuration management and other solutions that compete with Rational’s products, received a similar call. Both companies attended RSDC last year and exhibited in the event’s exhibit area.

Maybe this is one of the inhibitors to the creation of the external WebSphere community that I long for. If they want to say that it’s a closed-door conference for Rational, that’s fine. But why were they allowed to attend previously?

Author: dan


  1. Hi Allison,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I can’t say that I’m surprised. IBM doesn’t place an appropriate value on the damage that ‘shunning’ can do.

    I left more comments on your own blog but to my own readers, I see this just as another example of IBM’s lack of care/drive/accountability to actually foster an external community.

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