IBM SOA Jam for Impact 2008

For Impact 2008:

The SOA Jam is a 72-hour online discussion hosted at IMPACT 2008. Join your colleagues at IMPACT and worldwide in sharing your insights between 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. PDT on April 7-10, 2008. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide IBM with your input and help influence SOA success.

Sign in to the Jam and let your voice be heard!

IBM seems to be big on the whole ‘Jam’ thing. I’ve never participated in one myself but it appears like this is a chance to have your voice heard by IBM at a time (Impact) that has a lot of visibility to the IBM executives. I’ll probably jump in there and voice a few opinions and see how it goes. I think my first ‘jam’ will be along the lines of actually fostering an external IBM community like I’ve been ranting about.

The jam runs from Today (Monday) at 10am Pacific time to Thursday 10am Pacific Time.

Of course, being IBM, the jam appears to be open right now which is 10am eastern (aka 3 hours early) 🙂

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