Impact 2008: Free Certification Testing

If you are attending Impact 2008, don’t forget that you are allowed to write three IBM certification tests for free this week!

I’m a big fan of free, so I always max out my conference allotment. If you need some suggestions for tests, check out my previous entries about my impressions having written SOA Solution Designer, WebSphere Integration Developer and WebSphere Process Server.

I firmly believe that anybody attending this conference can pass the 664 and 667 tests on SOA. 664 titled SOA Fundamentals is something that most people will pass implicitly if they half-listened to any of the speakers this week. 667 titled Architectural Design of SOA Solutions is the 2007 revisement to 665 which I passed with no studying, again if you’ve actually implemented anything to do with SOA you should pass.

Happy Certing!

Author: dan

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