DSRA9010E: ‘{0}’ is not supported on the WebSphere ‘{1}’ Platform

If you see the following exception:

Exception Data: com.dan.LDAPException: javax.resource.NotSupportedException: DSRA9010E: 'execute(InteractionSpec, Record, Record)' is not supported on the WebSphere Interaction implementation.

It likely means that the JNDI object you looked up isn’t the type your code thought it was going to be. An example of this would be when your ear is installed to your server and the resource-ref is bound to the wrong resource (say a DataSource instead of an LDAP resource).

It would make this exception a thousand times easier to debug if it included a .toString() of the root object that threw the NotSupportedException. Alas, it does not, so you are left to manually look through your admin console to figure out what happened.

I also have no idea what the ‘Interaction’ implementation is that the exception itself is complaining about.

Author: dan

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