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DSRA9010E: ‘{0}’ is not supported on the WebSphere ‘{1}’ Platform

If you see the following exception: Exception Data: com.dan.LDAPException: javax.resource.NotSupportedException: DSRA9010E: ‘execute(InteractionSpec, Record, Record)’ is not supported on the WebSphere Interaction implementation. It likely means that the JNDI object you looked up isn’t the type your code thought it was going to be. An example of this would be when your ear is installed to […]

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WebSphere Application Server: Component vs Container Managed Authentication Alias

When defining the usage of an authentication alias in a resource in the administration console of WebSphere Application Server, there are two places the data can be specified: Component Managed Authentication Container Managed Authentication Component Managed Authentication is used when the resource configured in the EJB’s deployment descriptor res-auth property is set to ‘Application’. Container […]

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