WebSphere Process Server v6.1 API

There are various API’s that are provided as a part of WebSphere Process Server.


There is the standard EJB lookup method for the four JNDI’s (Human Task, BusinessFlow, Relationship etc). EJB provides slightly more functionality than the Web service or JMS interface. The generic EJB API supports Remote Artifact loading so you don’t need to have the Business Object xsd definitions in your ear.

Web Service API

Interesting, there is a Web Services API introduced in 6.0.2 for the BusinessFlowManager and HumanTaskManager. Enterprise Applications -> BPEContainer_Xxxxxx -> Publish WSDL files will create a zip file for download containing the required artifacts needed to create a web services client. You will have to copy the relevant XSD definitions of the data.

This is new in WebSphere Process Server v6.1. You can invoke the BusinessFlowManager via a queue on the BPC bus. They skipped the detail about what exact queue you put the message on unfortunately. I quickly jotted ‘BFMJMSAPIQueue’ down so I think if you check out the admin console there should be something there. There is a restriction that publish-subscribe is not allowed, only point to point. You will have to copy the relevant XSD definitions of the data.


New in v6.1 there is bulk/batch processing commands. They accept multiple task instance id’s (TKIID[]) and complete in a single non-global transaction. New operations ‘completeAndClaimSuccessor”aka single person workflow and ‘absence and Substitution’.

Author: dan


  1. Dan,
    Did they discuss about the new Business Rules Engine API? The topics sound more interesting than the ones discussed at (REMOVED BY DAN) Thanks for the Twitter updates 😉


  2. Hi Phani,

    Interestingly enough I didn’t pick up anything about a new business rules API. I believe the presenters were from a BPEL background, so it’s possible they didn’t realise there was a change. I recall the slide saying that the Business Rules API was still primitive.

  3. In all the articles, IBM tells users to see the events using the cei event browser. After a CEI event is generated, how do I consume that event in another application? event handler.

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