WebSphere Integration Developer & WebSphere Process Server v6.1.2 released

V6.1.2 has been released for WebSphere Integration Developer and WebSphere Process Server.

You can read the list of features. I’m going to highlight the ones that interest me:

WebSphere Process Server

  • New out-of-the-box, ready-to-run, Web 2.0 BPM client for business users with configurable work lists and detailed work item views, including support for collaboration using prebuilt human tasks
  • Enhanced flexibility for modifying the flow of in-flight process instances with the ability to skip activities, as well as to jump forward and backward between activities
  • Enhanced trace to capture what is flowing through the server at runtime for later display in the WebSphere Integration Developer Integrated Test Client with the full power of the test client for problem determination and analysis of application logic
  • Necessary database scripts for creating database instances on remote servers now available from the installation media directly, eliminating the need to install WebSphere Process Server to gain access to the scripts
  • Adds new format support for the following additional message formats:
    • Delimited and full support for Comma Separated Values (CSV)
    • Fixed-width format
    • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

WebSphere Integration Developer

  • Enhances visual tracing by showing more fine-grained events and a visual execution path within the implementation when testing state machines, processes, and mediation flows.
  • Delivers a new capability for testing XML maps in isolation, using the local built-in XSLT engine for a rapid iterative development experience. Can also set breakpoints and debug XML maps locally using the Test client.
  • Improved support for arrays in the XML map editor.
  • Shows which files are pending on a publish to a server operation.
  • Supports refactoring of interface parameter names.
  • Helps improve traceability of human tasks and business rules. Supports the ability to compare and merge human task and business rule changes in a business process imported from WebSphere Business Modeler. Provides support for business process annotations from WebSphere Business Modeler.

WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus

  • Improved error messages, logging, and First Failure Data Capture (FFDC) usage. FFDC can reduce defect resolution times and the number of times IBM Support asks a client to recreate a problem with different trace settings turned on.
  • Adds support for manipulating MQCIH message headers for WebSphere MQ, which are exploited by the CICS bridge to enable interaction with CICS applications.

Author: dan


  1. The Web 2.0 BPM Client looks interesting. With that feature I think, we can stay away from writing our own J2EE clients for accessing the tasks.

  2. Hi Albin,

    Yeah that sounds reall cool.. I’m actually surprised to see something like this come out in a 6.1.x release considering it likely required a complete rewrite of the user interface.

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