WB552: Random DataPower Thoughts Part 12

Message set (traffic Pattern)

Count monitors increment based on condition.

Duration monitors occur when a configured amount of time passes during processing of messages for the condition.

Message Count Monitors would be used to limit requests to a certain rate (100/second)

Message duration monitors are clock-based. Measure things like average server response.

Traffic Definitions are grouped into a Message Type Definitions, Filter Action Definition,  Monitor definitions, monitor-service association.

Tree: Service -> Message Monitor -> ((Message Types -> Message Match)  | Message Filter Action)

OBJECTS -> Monitoring.

Traffic Definitions identify raw traffic streams.


Reqeust: Time required to service requests by the appliance (inside DataPower)
Response: Time required to process responses from the server (inside DataPower)

Server: Time required by the back0end server to process requests (Server Request + Server Reponse)

Message: The round-trip for a message.  (DataPower Entry to DataPower Exit)

Message Filter Action -> What to do when the filter is true.

SLM: Service Level Monitoring. Web Service level montioring.

SLM Policy consists of 1 to n statements which consist of restrictions of traffic.

Statements -> Counts messages or duration. Executed in order.

Can be created top-down or bottom up from the Objects -> Monitoring menu.

SLM policies must be added as actions in the policy editor.

Ensure that the SLM action is placed before the results action or else your SLM will not run. Also, on the WS Proxy page, the SLM page will not run unless there is an SLM action.

SLM Action chooses an SLM policy to run.

SLM Action consists of Credential Class, Resoruce Class, Thresholds and Actions to take.

Token-Bucket: Total number of concurrent requests ?

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