WB552: Random DataPower Thoughts 11

Tivoli Directory Integration can integrate with multiple LDAP.

LDAP Search Attribute is the attribute in the LDAP that you want to look up.

Load Balancing Algorithms:

  1. First-Alive: Secondary servers are only called when the primary server is down. So the first alive entry is always used.
  2. Hash: Hashes the IP address of the client to provide affinity between clients and servers.
  3. least-connections: Choses the server with the least number of connections
  4. Round-Robin:Forwards request to the next server on the list.
  5. Weighted-Round-Robin: Forwards request to the next server on the list based on the weighted averages as entered.

LDAP Load Balancing Damp Time speficies how long a server should be marked as unavailable when a heath check fails.

If all servers go down, the default behaviour is to wait for damp time expiration or for the health check to find an active server.

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