WebSphere Process Serevr v6.0.2.4 JVM Crashing on Windows with Illegal Operation

Yesterday, a colleague of mine had an issue with their test WebSphere Process Server contained inside of WebSphere Integration Developer. It was a very peculiar issue. The server would just hang in the middle of starting various EARs. We tried to start the server outside of WID and still could not get the server back it’s hang point.

I recommended that we clean out the WSTEMP directory of the profile in question. We then started the server and actually got a window popup from the JVM informing us that an illegal operation occured.

I then recommeded that we reboot the machine in question. We started the server and everything was good.

So, I don’t really have an answer as to what happened other than trying to clean out that unruly WSTemp directory and restarting your machine if you see JVM crashes. In my experience JVM crashes are usually attributed to a corrupted operating system and not usually a corrupted server.

If the reboot didn’t work, I was going to recommend profile re-creation.

Author: dan


  1. Did you ever find a resolution to this? We actually found this to be a JIT compiler issue. Once we removed the setting for JIT compiler, the problem went away. We submitted a PMR, and the Java team created a new fix for the SR10 and SR11 for the JDK. It seems to have fixed it. I think the fix is related tot he jitc.dll, as before we got the fix, IBM had us swap out that file with a new one they created.

    Don’t know if this is relevant at all.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the follow up. I’ll have to talk to the team and see if they are aware of the fix.

    – Dan

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