ICTY Toronto 2008: Lower Operational Costs and Improving Quality of Service Using Application Virtualization

This presentation was subtitled: Accelerate Business agility and cost savings with websphere virtual enterprise.

THis address the question, “How can you minimize the amount of ‘whitespace’ (deadspace) on machines when typical infastructure relys on being able to process peak performance”. Can we instead somehow provision for average performance and leverage more machines when the peak occurs?”

Top Trends for next 3 years “Green IT” (use less resources) and” Virtualization 2.0″( dynamic infastructure based on demand).

Application infastructure virtualization: Create ‘one big appserver’ that can handle demand.

WebSphere Virtual Enterprise is the IBM solution for this issue – Lower TCA, Increase flexibility, Better manage health & performance.

The product does this via service policies, it appears this is configuration done in the websphere administration console-likeuser interface.

Can introduce a concept of Chargeback – Bill each department for application utilization of the application server pool.

Not just for WebSphere, also works for WebSphere CE and Tomcat.

Virtualize the application server AND the hardware on top of each other.

End Notes, Begin Opinion. 

I found it weird that this product was discussed in a one-day Impact Comes To You event. The session with Martin discussed how people need to stop selling SOA as an IT initiative but rather a business value one. The next session we get is how to micromanage your servers, an extremely IT focused presentation.  I did find this session interesting in the quest to get a java JVM to be five 9’s in the real world but it’s not exactly the best topic for a one hour session during a tight one day conference.

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