ICTY Toronto 2008: A Smart SOA Approach in Any Economic Climate

This session was delivered by Martin Wildberger, IBM VP and Director of the Toronto Software Lab.

This session was attended by around 70 people, a pretty large turnout for one of these all-day events.

Martin asked the crowd if they were from the line of business side or the IT side. I didn’t see a single hand raised for the LOB, so as expected most people in the crowd are interested in SOA from an IT perspective.

There was a slide about comments from Gartner regarding “Don’t postpone SOA…. Reprioritize your road map”

  1. “… [prioritize] projects that will turn an ROI faster”
  2. “…address lower-cost projects sooner”
  3. “Choose SOA projects were reuse of established systems is prevalent”

This is a great heuristic to determine SOA project candidacy and prioritization.

Martin went through a set of slides about the success of SOA at various companies and the capabilities that can be leveraged to increase ROI.

WebSphere sMash was also brought up as an integral product to the story.

Also, this is a slide that I’ve seen so many times, I wish someone would redesign it in a new color:

Avoid the notion of explaining SOA in terms of IT. Explain it in terms of business value, agility.

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