Oracle XA_RMERR & Spring Oracle LOB Handler Exceptions

Was getting the following oracle exception when trying to use an Oracle XA datasource from WebSphere:

WSRdbXaResour E
 DSRA0304E:  XAException occurred. XAException
contents and details are:
The XA Error is            : -3
The XA Error message is    : A resource
manager error has occured in the transaction branch.
The Oracle Error code is   : 65535
The Oracle Error message is: Internal XA Error
The cause is               : null.
[8/13/08 14:22:50:777 EDT] 00000066 WSRdbXaResour E
DSRA0302E:  XAException occurred.
Error code is: XAER_RMERR (-3).
Exception is: <null>

This led me to the standard “Oracle is not configured to support XA”. Alas, the admin ran the scripts and we continued to get it.

We were also getting

OracleLobHand E
$OracleLobCreator close Could not free Oracle LOB
java.sql.SQLException: Protocol violation

Then the version of the jdbc driver caught my eye:

InternalOracl I   DSRA8205I: JDBC driver name  : Oracle JDBC driver
InternalOracl I   DSRA8206I: JDBC driver version  :
InternalOracl I   DSRA8212I: DataStoreHelper name is:
WSRdbDataSour I   DSRA8208I: JDBC driver type  : ""

Notice that a very old 9i driver was in use connecting to our 10g database. I upgraded the driver to and the problem was resolved.

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