Oracle BPEL ‘Suitcase’ JAR Deployment Options

I had created a simple echoing BPEL process in my JDeveloper and then looked around for the option to export an EAR for my service. Of course, there isn’t one. What happens is that JDeveloper will create a JAR that contains your BPEL artifacts. This JAR is called the “BPEL Suitcase”. I assume it’s a suitcase because it’s a container for your BPEL like a suitcase is a container to your clothes.

You then need to follow this document that describes how to deploy your BPEL into the Oracle BPEL container. Basically it boils down to one of:

  1. Use JDeveloper to connect to your container and deploy.
  2. Use the Oracle BPEL Console to deploy your suitcase.
  3. Strangely enough, if you have access to the physical file location of the container you can just drop the suitcase jar into a specific directory.

I was surprised that the processes weren’t deployed as EARs to the application server.

Author: dan

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