Seven Reasons Why Corporate Blogs Suck

From the blog ‘Ben means Business‘, Ben Jones lists the 7 reasons why corporate blogs suck. I really like the first reason:

Reason#1: Fear of Transparency

People who read blogs expect to “know” the author, and participate in discussions with the author and other readers. They enjoy an atmosphere that is genuine and has a “living room” feel. In other words, they expect you to acknowledge problems, fixes, and incidents instead of using your blog to further validate cover-ups. Remember, PR ploys are for people who read the newspaper. Blog readers are a different breed and they respect and embrace what’s “real”.

I like to think that transparency is what I am bringing that’s ‘new’ to the area of business integration and enterprise software. I’m willing to talk about the frustrations of being a consultant in the field in an open forum.

I’ve been feeling pressures abound to reduce the transparency, but I fear that will just add to the list of useless ‘corporate’ blogs. I’m uninterested in parroting marketing feature lists and pretending the earth is flat.

Author: dan

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