Passed Certification Test 284: IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances Firmware V3.6.0

I re-wrote IBM DataPower Certification test 284 over the weekend and passed with a 75% when requiring a 60%. Taking the course made my life a lot easier. I still spent two hours writing and reviewing the answers but I was a lot more confident about passing when I ended the test.

I did notice that there is a bug in the Prometrics Windows based client (non web-browser) that you need to be aware of. One of the questions deals with “Which of the XMLs is invalid”, and the answers use xmlns to define namespaces. The problem is that the URLs follow the http:// format and the windows client is turning them into blue-underlined hyperlinks while removing the surrounding quotes. This will make three of the answers appear as invalid XML.

I have emailed the only person in IBM who I know is deeply involved in the certification organization and I hope IBM will either update the question or fix the windows client bug.

The other weird thing about the windows client was that I didn’t see an option to provide feedback directly when ending the test but not yet getting the score. I took a notes about questions that I really disliked and wanted to provide feedback on but I didn’t have the opportunity. The ‘paper’ I was given to record my notes on when writing the test was an erasable surface that had to be returned at the end.

Anyway,  the test was pretty much the same one that I had written previously except that the hard questions were first which freaked me out a bit 🙂

Author: dan


  1. Hi,
    I am planning to take up the exam in next month. I have taken the course WB552, had played with device but I am finding it bit hard to look at the sample questions. Most of the sample questions on the web are paid. Would you be able to provide me some advise on the this.

  2. Hi,

    I am attending the course WB552 next week and would like take the test after the training. Would you mind providing some sample questions?


  3. Hi Satya,

    When you take an IBM Certification test you agree not to disclose any of the questions from the test, so unfortunately, I can’t give any sample questions or else I’ll have the IBM Robots that monitor my blog hit me in the head with another hammer.

  4. Dan,

    Nice log (bookmarked), I have 3.6.0 cert but IBM says too old. No touch box since 2007 what are changes to know for 3.6.1 cert? Not clear from all resources on web (too much info).

    Saw ye deltas entry – need focus down from that.

    How to get DP work w/ 3.6.1 cert?

    What 3.6.1 cert good for now 3.7.2 is here?

    Really good stuff – keep up!

  5. Dan,

    I am already working in SOA, but new to Datapower and interested to learn and do a certification. Could you suggest which exam is the best and latest one?


  6. Hi Dan,

    Congratulations. You have mentioned above that ‘Taking the course made my life a lot easier’. Can you tell me what course you took? and other than taking course what all things you went through.


  7. Hi,

    I am currently working on the XI50( version 3.8.) .Can you please let me know what exam should i take and also the course materials available on web



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