WebSphere User Group: Ask the Experts Session RIGHT NOW

In a case of the worst marketing for an event ever, I just received an email informing me that the Global WebSphere Community is holding an “Ask The Experts” event online from 10am Eastern to 10pm Eastern. You can join the conversation right now. The event is free, you just need to sign up with the users group.

Experts Include:

  • Gini Agee
  • Edward Angelovich
  • Jai Arun
  • Jorli Baker
  • Terry Bleizeffer
  • Grace Burton
  • Andrew Coleman
  • Jerry Cuomo
  • Dana Duffield
  • Matthew Golby-Kirk
  • Dan Griffin
  • Dan Griffin   <– This guy must really be good, he’s listed twice in the manifest.
  • Matt Hogstrom
  • Richard Johnson
  • Jimmy Jones
  • Matt Lucas
  • Aaron Miller
  • Alasdair Nottingham
  • Anthony O’Dowd
  • Gerhard Pfau
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Andrew Thomas
  • Greg Truty
  • Chris Vignola

An all-star cast of people I don’t know.

Author: dan


  1. Hi Dan…thanks for helping promote our hastily marketed event. I’m posting mainly to introduce myself and clarify…we never implied that we were all-stars and speaking for myself, I’m less expert than experienced, but I appreciate your sarcasm. I replied to your query on our session today. I hope you found it informative and welcome continued open dialog.

    You seem to be the type who won’t hold back and we all need clean data (not candy-coated words) to fix the serious issues we face in software today. Keep delivering it fresh and hot and I’ll work with you from within IBM to help us both improve.

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I found your answer to be extremely well though out and I appreciated it. I do try and use these types of events to ask difficult questions of the attendee’s when there’s a reasonable amount of visibilty. I’m not trying to make anyone look bad but rather hope that it sticks with the expert when future decisions need to be made. As anyone knows, it’s hard to gain visibility anywhere. Well it’s even harder with the executive level, so you have to make use of the times it presents itself. I refer you to Steve Mills’ response to an Impact2008 ESB question of mine as an example.

    And yes, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek when I said ‘all-star’, it was just a little poke at IBM’s size and the never-ending list of names that can be thrown at you. 🙂

    Once again, thanks for stopping by and I’m always happy to toss 2c into the well.

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