WebSphere Integration Developer – Namespaces Cannot Span Projects

Say I have a Business Object named BO1, in the namespace “http://www.danzrobok.com/bo” and I have a second business object named BO2, in the namespace “http://www.danzrobok.com/bo”.

With WebSphere Integration Developer, I MUST put both of these business objects in the same library or module project. If I split them into two library projects, then I will likely run into the issue where one of the Business Objects will not be resolvable and I will get NullPointerExceptions or FeatureNotFoundExceptions.

This can introduce some quirky errors in your WSDLs and XSDs if they use xsd:include instead of xsd:import of dependent definitions. An xsd:include is equivalent of copy and pasting the target into the parent. If you xsd:include a library project’s XSDs you will start to see these types of errors.

Also, this namespace restriction applies to all artifacts, not only Business Objects.

Generally, WID is pretty good as putting up error markers when you get yourself into these situations. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to understand why the Web Service Binding you just generated has an error marker.

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