WebSphere Process Server and an RPC/Literal WSDL : Trench War

I’m currently in a trench war with WebSphere Process Server and an RPC/Literal webservice. The service takes in a simple integer and returns a Business Object. The request works fine, but the response comes back with a ‘FeatureNotFound’ exception referencing the top level business object.

I’ve even gone so far as to install SOAP UI and use it’s mock service capabilities to tweak the XML that the service returns to no avail. I’ve added namespaces, removed namespaces, nothing ever works.

At this point, I’m ready to declare that RPC/Literal Web Services that return complex types in WebSphere Process Server are completely broken.

This is an ongoing concern and if I get more time I’ll describe the issue in detail along with the resolution.

Author: dan

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