IBM Support Flashes

If you deal with IBM software, one of the things that you need to keep up with are the APARs and PMRs that IBM releases over the week. If you are on the latest level of software it’s good to know what you may or may not run into.

IBM provides a service from its website that will send you an email about information that becomes available based on a set of products you select. I get this sent to my inbox every sunday night.

Check it out at:

Sample content:

WebSphere Process Server

Downloads and drivers

2008-03-15 JR28515: Large Object sent to FFDC logging causes errors and crash

2008-03-14 JR27757: Version information missing in administrative console

Problem solving information

2008-03-12 J2CA0056I: Application containing business rules results in a java.lang.NullPointerException


Another place you can find this information on a continually updates basis is a WebSphere aggregation.

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