Planned IBM Certification Tests

Just thought I’d outline my current thinking towards which tests I’m going to prepare to write at the WebSphere Services Technical Conference 2008:

  1. 284 – IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances Firmware V3.6.0
  2. 093 – IBM WebSphere Process Server V6.0, System Administration
  3. 252/253 – IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V6.0/V6.1 Core Administration
  4. 664 – SOA Fundamentals
  5. 807 – Web Services Development for IBM WebSphere Application Server V6.1
  6. 735 – Developing Applications with IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5

284: Top priority for me as I foresee a lot of opportunity in this space and a potential skill gap that I could fill.

093: Sweet revenge for failing this last year.

252/253: WAS 6.1 server is the latestet even though most of my experience is on WAS 6.0. So it will be a game time decision over which one I choose.

664: This is a prerequisite to becoming a “IBM Certified Administrator for SOA Solutions” (664, 093 & 252/253 prereq).

807: Leverage all the experience I have with WSDL and XSD into a certification.

735: Before I left IBM, I wrote a few fun utility plugins for SameTime 7.5. The first would just display the last message received into a text box. I used to be involved in group chats and didn’t want to give focus to the window but still wanted to read what was being said. The second (and far more fun) was the “Early Warning System”, a plug in that could detect when someone had opened a new chat window with you but hadn’t yet started typing. It could give you a chance to either surprise them with a “hi”, or for the more devious, jump off line and plead ignorance. Alas, I wrote them both at IBM so they’re IBM property. If you are an IBMer and interested in either I can direct you to someone internal who has them.

Author: dan


  1. Hi,
    I found your blog articles really good,actually i am also a part of IBM India and had experience in web services and looking forward to enhance my skills into IBM Soa suite (WID,WPS).
    Though i have no project experience on WID,WPS but i have installed these product on my pc and started learning them.Recently i have cleared 664 and found it relatively easy I just want your views on the difficulty levels of exam 991,093 for a person like me with no on project experience on WID and WPS.

  2. Its hard to tell. My background on WebSphere Integration Developer was using it for about two years before it was publicly available. So my opinion on the test is highly skewed based on my experience.

    664 is a pretty basic generic SOA Test that you can pass without any particular product knowledge. Generally certification tests on a particular software products are difficult. I had friends with deep WPS (administrators) skill who only passed by a few percent because they rarely use the tooling.


  3. I will start with WPS & WID ,let’s see how much difficult it is? I will come back to you with more queries if any.

    Thanks for your reply.


  4. If I had to pick one of the two to write first, I would recommend the WID test. It’s more about how things works from a module-architecture level. The WPS test is more low level admin thing.

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