IBM Impact 2008 Attendance

It turns out that due to a weird twist of fate, I may be in attendance (and presenting) in Vegas for Impact 2008. Impact is:

(an) annual conference on SOA and WebSphere offers unparalleled technical education about SOA and IBM thought leadership for LOBs, CIOs and practical application for users. From IT practitioners to senior business leaders, you’ll get more from the one conference that brings it all together.

In non-marketing speak it’s the chance for the customers to learn about the latest and greatest from IBM. I may be there co-presenting with my current client about their business case for WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Integration Developer. One of my personal goals this year is to do more presentations and become more comfortable giving them. Naturally, I jumped at this chance as I enjoy talking about these products.

Of course, it doesn’t really take much to twist my arm into going to Vegas.

Author: dan

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