Tip: Redeploying your modules from WID

When a resource is modified in your workspace and deployed onto your Integrated Test Environment, this could translate to one of the following actions on your server to hot-redeploy your application:

  • Nothing
  • Restarting the Application
  • Redeploying the Application

WID v6.0.2 is smart enough to realize most of the scenarios of when it needs to perform which. The key is that it’s non-obvious where this feature is enabled.

The Problems View

It’s actually contained in the Problems View. When you modify your module, a new ‘Warning’ will be created saying that the module has changed and needs to be re-deployed. This will automatically take the appropriate step, saving you from manually uninstalled and re-installing your EAR. Just right click on it, and select “Quick Fix”.

Unfortunately, there still appear to be times when a modification actually requires a server restart due to ‘over caching’. But I’ve found that since I started using the task view to do my redeployments, the number of server restarts while I’m developing has decreased.

Author: dan

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