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WSDL Anti-Pattern: xsd:Any and xsd:AnyType To Encapsulate Future Changes

The cousin to yesterday’s WSDL Anti-Pattern: The ‘Single XML String’ Service is the use of the XSD specification’s ‘any’. ‘Any’ literally means “any well-formed XML contained in this section is valid”. ‘anyType’ means “any valid XSD Type”. We can start to see the correlation between the Single XML String service and the use of these […]

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WSDL Anti-Pattern: The ‘Single XML String’ Service

WSDL is a very useful technology. It allows service providers and consumers to agree on namespaces, operation names, the data to be transmitted in a request and the data to expect in a response. All very good things to know, all in a platform neutral way. Now, WSDL tells us what all the elements and […]

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