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Using Spring and Hibernate with WebSphere Application Server

If you’re considering using Spring or Hibernate with IBM WebSphere
Application Server, this article explains how to configure these frameworks for
various scenarios with WebSphere Application Server. This article is not an
exhaustive review of either framework, but a critical reference to help you
successfully implement such scenarios. (Updated for Spring Framework 2.5 and
WebSphere Application Server V7.) (IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal)

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Still Springing Along

I’m still solidly in the spring domain with my solution. I’ve run into a number of obfuscated exceptions as I’ve gone along way my from Spring newbie to Spring intermediate newbie. They’re all nicely saved in my WebSphere Application Server log, so once I get some free time, I’ll go through them all with the […]

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WebSphere Application Server and The Spring Framework

I’m in the process of skilling up on the spring framework used within the Websphere application server container. What I have amassed so far are a ton of links to various tutorials and developerWorks articles that answer a few questions: What is Spring? Why do I want to use it? How do I use it? […]

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