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DataPower 3.8.1 and WebSphere MQ

If you are using DataPower to pull messages from MQ which contains persistent messages, do yourself a favor and set the ‘Units of Work’ on the QM in DP to 1. This will enable DataPower to use SyncPoints from MQ and allow you transactionality on a per-message basis. Without this setting, you can get very […]

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WebSphere MQ V7.0 Features and Enhancements

Draft Redbook, last updated: Mon, 27 Oct 2008

– Integrated Publish/Subscribe engine and new MQI functions
– Improved JMS MQ integration and MQ Client enhancements
– Scenario with sample code

This book is divided in three parts: Part 1, “Introduction” commences with an introduction to Message Oriented Middleware and the WebSphere MQ product.

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The top 15 WebSphere MQ best practices

Many articles and books offer recommendations for designing message queuing and integrating it into applications. This article simplifies this maze by listing 15 or so widely recognized best practices for using
WebSphere MQ to implement message queuing. This article describes the most common best practices in designing, building, running, and maintaining WebSphere MQ solutions in order to achieve the full benefits of WebSphere MQ.

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