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WebSphere DataPower vs WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus

Yesterday, I blathered on about how great DataPower would be for usage in WebSphere Process Server. Your developer would be able to stay completely inside the Generic Business Object (GBO) data view while leveraging DataPower’s awesome ability to transform efficiently. Very neat indeed. An interesting is scenario where DataPower IS the ESB. No WebSphere Process […]

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Business Integration Software Bakeoff Idea

In my random browsing of the internet, I came across Wikipedia’s comparison of Business Integration Software. I’m so WebSphere focused that I didn’t even know there were this many companies out there with “ESB” products (34). It sparked an idea in my head, I wonder what it would be like to bake-off all these solutions […]

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JDBC Adapter Export with events that comprise multiple rows

At my client, we had a unique situation occur when integrating a database and an export for the WebSphere Adapter for JDBC. In a ‘typical’ scenario, a single row is written into a staging table, an SQL trigger writes this single row into the adapter’s event table, the adapter polls, converts the data into a […]

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